Architectural and engineering firms have been working together, for as long as both professions have been in existence, to bring new life to cities in the most effective and cost-efficient way possible. This has brought about the existence of building information modeling (BIM), as well as the rise of building information modeling engineers. Still, despite the intertwined nature of the two   Read More


3DS max user interface

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R.M Mishra14/03/18

What is Pi Day? Why We Celebrate Pi Day at 14th March Only.

Hello Friends, Today's I want to tell you About all the Details of Pi-Day. Now the First Question which is arise on your Mind is What is Pi-Day? Pi Day is an annual celebration of the Mathematical Constant Pi. In 2009, the United States House of Representatives supported the designation of Pi Day.  Read More


coordinate system in cad

Many times, you can conveniently define an additional coordinate system to more easily create drawings. This non–world coordinate system, known as a user coordinate system, is so widely used that UCS now refers to every coordinate system in AutoCAD. Why would you want to diverge from the standard WCS? Well, the most common reason is that it’s much easier to cal  Read More

Rohit Chouhan12/03/18

Adding HDRs to Different Areas:

1) We will add the HDR to several different slots in the Render Setup window. Open the Render Setup window: /Rendering/Render Setup. There will be a tab called: Vray Environment. Open that part and where it says GI Environment (skylight) override and check the “on” button”. Where it says none, browse to   Read More

Ramesh Deshmukh12/03/18

Scope In Fashion Design

A Profession in Fashion Designing has recently emerged as one of the most sought after careers amongst students. Fashion Designers have their own creative style of dressing and believe in setting trends rather than following trends by others. A career in Fashion Designing not only involves meeting g  Read More

Creo Part Modeling

3D parts and assembly modeling is the CAD technique through which the design intent of a part or assembly is accurately and unambiguously described by a 3D virtual model, an almost tangible representation of physical reality. Before computer-aided design (CAD) software, highly trained mechanical drafters produced a series of two dimensional drawings to represent the whole of a part or c  Read More

How to configure gamma for rendering?

If you are using 3ds max 2014 or newer, usually there is no need to alter any default gamma settings in Corona or 3ds Max as they are handled automatically. Make sure that in Rendering > Gamma/LUT Setup..."Enable Gamma/LUT Correction" is checked and Gamma is set to 2,2  Read More

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