Apurv rawal20/06/18

3-D Printing in Zero Gravity

Few years back, NASA sent a 3-D printer on International space station and was successful in testing the printer in Zero gravity environment. The printer used AMF (Additive Manufacturing Technology) to build a prototype or replacement of a lost or broken part on demand on site. The first part that was made was a Ratchet. 3D print  Read More

Apurv rawal17/06/18

Fluid Valve

A sectional view of Fluid Valve designed in AutoCad 2016 A valve is a mechanical device which regulates and controls the fluid flow. It has a wide range of application such as in domestic plumbing, irrigation, pressure valve in pressure cooker from complex valve in IC engines to small and simple valve in deodorants.  Read More

Apurv rawal08/06/18


Reverse Engineering or also called Back Engineering is a process in which an existing product is deconstructed revaling its design parameters, sub-components, mechanism involved along with material properties. Its an important process especially in field of manufacturing industries and IT industries.  Reverse Engineering was  Read More

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