Hey everyone this is sagar soni and I m here to tell you about round, extrude, and pattern features of 3D modeling.


3D product design is the creation of a product in a virtual environment such the product has three dimensions (height, width, depth). The result is a digital prototype of your product, one you can explore in detail. Without digital prototyping, you’d need to use more budget-vaporizing physical prototypes, watch time slip away, and get to market later with a product that might not be optimized. 3D design makes your life as a product designer easier and faster, giving you more time and energy to devote to optimizing your product.



1) Select the front plane and click at extrude iconextrude-icon . It will get you into the sketching window.

2) Using a circle tool make a simpe circle of your desired diameter (just for practicing) and click at ok button ok-icon.


3) Now the creo parametric will show you the preview of your extrude. You can change the depth of extrude by moving the white square. To do this just click and hold at the white square and move your mouse to change the length.

Two types of extrude depth we can learn at this moment.

  • Blind

  • Symmetric

Blind option is shown in above figure and it is by default active. To use symmetric option click at “extrude depth tool menu” and select the symmetric option you will see that extrude become equally distributed with reference to sketching plane.

4) Now just click the ok buttonok-icon to complete a part of our exercise.


Extrude cut/Add -

1) Now select the top surface of your previously extruded model and again click at extrude button.

2) In sketching window again make a circle but this time its diameter should be less than the previous one. Click at ok button.

 3) In extrude window if you want to add material than you can simply hit the ok button now.

 4) If you want to remove the material than first you need to make sure that new extrude is going inside the model. You can do this by three ways. (1) By dragging the white square (2) by entering the negative length (3) by clicking at the invert button . Below in the figure you can see that I point out two arrows. These arrows can be used to change the extrude direction. Click on them and see what happen to extrude. For doing next exercise make it “solid extrude Add” (see the right pic in the following fig) then press okok-icon.

At this stage we will study two other types of extrude depth:

  • Through all

  • Through until

To use these options I suggest you to use extrude cut because of simplicity of our model. Click at through extrude icon and use extrude cut make the direction of extrude inside the model so we can observe the extrusion. As from definition of “through extrude” the cut will pass through the model making it a hollow cylinder.

To use “through until” and “to select’ a  just click on the respective extrude icon and specify the surface where you want to stop the extrusion. In this case I use extrude cut and select the select the cross-sectional surface opposite to the sketching surface. Both tools might work same in this case.

Left side figure shows “through all” and right side figure shows ‘through until”.



Changing the intersection of 3 rounds -

To create a smooth, rounded sphere instead, follow these steps:

  1. In the Round dashboard, click Pieces.

  2. A table appears. Hover over the individual pieces, and the software will highlight geometry within the intersection.

  3. Include and Exclude pieces to control the overall geometry.     

Connecting Tangent Rounds with Different Radii -

Click an edge for a round, and the system responded by rounding the tangent chain. If you want to exclude those other edges, just hold down the shift key when you click the edge you want to round.

If you then use the same technique for a tangent edge, and specify a different radius, the system will automatically blend the resulting transition

Extending a Round into a Vertex-

To extend the round to the vertex, follow these steps:

  1. In the main dashboard, click Pieces.

  2. Click on the single piece.

  3. A drag handle appears on the geometry. Simply move it down toward the vertex.



In Creo Parametric 3.0, the geometry pattern capability has been extended to allow users to pattern geometry across an area of topology change. This significantly improves the usage of geometry pattern and significantly improves overall productivity.

In addition, users can now reference pattern features that have been placed on any pattern instance, rather than needing to always place the features on the references of the pattern leader.
Geometry pattern includes two options that will help you create patterns of geometry over variable topology. They include the copy and attach functions.

Copy creates copies of the geometry without trying to attach those copies to the solid. It creates a quilt in each of the pattern instance locations. These quilts are not merged to the existing solid geometry.

Attach is similar to the attach tool in the Creo Flexible Modeling Extension (FMX). It extends or trims the edges of the one-sided surfaces of the geometry to be copied so that they can be merged and solidified with the existing solid geometry.





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