- Architect and civil engineer 

Both has some definite works to do and can not work alone without the help of one-another.

 Architecture  is the art and science of designing and construction functionality graceful structure to serve the user well and satisfy his varying and complex needs.

Civil engineering  is the brilliant planning & execution of the dream passing through a tons of barriers to make it real.


Though civil engineers and architects work together, there is difference between architect and civil engineer based on the types of work they do.


- Why an Architect is Needed

Architect and civil engineer is needed for different purposes. An architect can not fulfill a civil engineers purpose nor a civil engineer can do that for an architect.

  • An Architect is needed to increase exterior & interior beauty of a structure.
  • Architects provide proper arrangements for present and future needs with proper land utilization.
  • To allow proper ventilation of dwelling space provision all around the building.
  • To design & arrange the rooms & facilities according to the desire.
  • To provide sufficient lighting, air circulation etc.


- Why a Civil Engineer is Needed

  • A civil engineer is needed to reduce the construction cost as possible.
  • To provide sufficient safety measurements.
  • To finish designs of foundation, beams, columns, load calculation, slab, roof, reinforcement etc according to which the construction will be done.
  • To select a contractor to complete the works.
  • Supervision of construction work.
  • To provide earthquake resistance.
  • To maintain the quality of work.


 -  Comparison Chart

Architecture Civil Engineering
More on creativity (design) More on analysis (construction)
Salary can go from $42,000 to $96,000 (US region) Salary can go from $46,000 to $94,000 (US region)
Provides sufficient lighting, air circulation, etc. Provides beams, foundations, columns, roofs etc.
Provides beautification  of a structure Provides durability, stability and protection from hazardous weather.


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