Reverse Engineering or also called Back Engineering is a process in which an existing product is deconstructed revaling its design parameters, sub-components, mechanism involved along with material properties. Its an important process especially in field of manufacturing industries and IT industries. 

Reverse Engineering was probably first and mostly used during world war II in order to copy the millitary equipments, technologies, arms and ammunation of the other powers and then subsequently its use incresed widely in various engineering and research field.

The concept of Reverse Engineering consist of following procedure as firstly the object is measured with the help of optical readers, 3D scanners or manually and then it is reconstructed with the help of CAD mainly in wireframe model or in other required format. 

The most important step in reverse Engineering is constructing a CAD model which resembles the similarity of original product in terms of shape, size, scale and functionality. The scope of this is vast and covers the field of Mechanical Engineering, Structural Engineering, Electronics Engneering and so on.


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