image Stair Case Climbing Trolley

Stair Case Climbing Trolley ( Cero )


 A Hand trolley is a small transport device which is used to move heavy loads from one place to another.  This design and fabrication normal hand trolley with Tri-Star wheel arrangement in order to enable the trolley to move easily on stair to goes up and down on stairs.

It could carry the heavy loads over stairs and also used for carrying loads on flat surface from one place to another place with less human effort and proves to be more advantages in all places like Industries, School, College etc. 

The Tri-Star wheel arrangement is work on flat surface and its two wheel always make a contact with ground.

When any obstacles occur its path like bumps and dents present on surface then trolley come in Tri-Star wheel arrangement and its wheel overcome the obstacles force those force apply by the surface bumps and dent on trolley and they reduce its mechanical force and prevent a package for any kind of damage. 


Design & Developed By Developer Bazaar