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What Is User Experience (UX)?

User experience (UX) design is the process of creating designs for software that provide meaningful and relevant results. This involves the design of both a software program's usability and the pleasure consumers will derive by using it. It is also concerned with integrating with the software aspects such as branding, design, usability, and functionality.Products that provide great user experience (e.g.the iPhone) are thus designed with the idea of consumption or use in mind.

Understanding of UX Design

UX: The experience that a person has as
they interact with a product

UI: The experience that a person has as
they interact with a product

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Why should you do UX Design Course

Real Training, Real Placement Real Placement.

There is a wave of digitalization sweeping the world, calling for a change in mindset

Companies are looking to create digital products that enhance the experience of customers

User Experience (UX) Designers are in high demand, with companies choosing graduates from UX design overgraduates from other fields

There are a multitude of jobs in various industry segments for UX designers with a severe dearth of resources to fullfill them

UI/UX Course Syllabus

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Duration 70 hrs + 36 hrs

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Introduction to Graphics Tools

  • Session 1. What is Graphic Design?
  • Session 2. What are the tools used for graphic design
  • Session 3. Why learn Graphic Design
  • Session 4. Scope of Graphic Design
  • Session 5. Understanding of Graphics Design Tools
  • Session 6. Understanding of various elements of the tools
  • Session 7. Understanding master functions of the tools
  • Session 8. Understanding deisgn possibilities of tools

Getting Started with UI/UX Design

Session 1. Why Should one Learn UI/UX Design
Session 2. What is User Interface (UI) Design?
Session 3. What is User Experience (UX)? Design?
Session 4. What is UI Development?

UX Design

Session1. What is Design Thinking
Session 2. What are design Principles
Session 3. What is User Centered Design
Session 4. StoryBoarding
Session 5. Role of a UX Designer

Foundations of UI Design

Session 1. Visual and UI Principles
Session 2. UI Elements and Patterns
Session 3. Interaction Behaviors and Principles
Session 4. Understanding Brand Platforms
Session 5. Style Guides

Sketching and Wireframing

Session 1. Sketching Principles
Session 2. Responsive Design
Session 3. Wireframing
Session 4. Creating Wireflows

High Fidelity Design

Session 1. Building High-Fidelity Mockups
Session 2. Designing Efficiently with Tools
Session 3. Interaction Patterns
Session 4. Designing Interactions

Communication Best Practices

Session 1. Collaborating and Communicating with Developers
Session 2. How to Prepare for Handing off Designs
Session 3. The Components of an Effective Presentation
Session 4. Creating a Case Study
Session 5. Receiving and Giving Feedback

Special Topics

Session 1. Product Types: Best Practices and Solutions
Session 2. The Psychology of Design
Session 3. The Business of UX

Career Services

Session 1. Schedule Technical/Non-Technical Mock Interviews
Session 2. Creating Effective Job Search Strategy
Session 3. Craft Resume
Session 4. Creating Your Portfolio

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